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Trisha has been a member of Casual Chat since 1997 and became BP (Business Partner) with CompuServe November 2001. All of her 4 children are grown and on their own. Ages range from 26 to 42. She remarried in June 2002 to her high-school sweetheart who she became reacquainted with after visiting Classmates.com (thanks to Maureen). Trisha and Tom moved back to Oregon from Texas in May 2006. After a bad motorcycle accident in 1970 Trisha had to give up her hairstyling career and became a stay-at-home mom. She ended up owning Beauty Salons instead of working in them. She is also a licensed tax advisor and has worked for H&R Block part time since 1993. Other than her interest in the Forum she enjoys gardening, traveling and reading.

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Maureen has been associated with Casual Chat (which has gone through several name changes and formats) since 1994/95. She has enjoyed volunteering with this forum and has made many good friends, in cyber land and in real life. Living in Northern California, retired from the State of California and married to "techie". She has two grown children and 5 grandkids. Interests outside the forum, spending time with Techie, traveling in the RV and time with the grandkids and of course music! She says it has been a pleasure to be part of this Casual Chat family for many years, and whatever nasty rumors people have heard about her singing talents, they are all just jealous!

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Lynda has been a member of Casual Chat since around 1997. She found the forum when meandering the web as a newbie and has just forgotten to leave. She is famous (or is that infamous) for wearing her marvellous purple hat when running quizzes. Lynda provides the Irish connection and regales us all with stories of her sprogs in each issue of Casual Community News. Renowned for press-ganging?errr?urging?errr.. asking people to contribute articles for the newspaper. For some reason her employers expect her to turn up for forty hours each week which severely curtails her online activities. Lynda's interests include anything to do with computers (currently studying web design), collecting jam pots and maintaining her BAV status, (well until Harrison Ford arrives) ohh and looking after the sprogs.

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JustDar has been a member of Compuserve since 1996 and she met her husband in Casual Chat. They tied the knot in 1999. Dar is a transplanted Canadian living in Michigan and is best known for being sooooooo nice! Actually, according to Trisha, she's one of the the nicest hosts Casual has ever had.

The Woolyback aka Wooly or Wools (Latin - Woolybackerusjokerus) is indigenous to the northern parts of the UK namely that most beautiful of all places the English Lake District. He ventured into this place called Casual about 1998 and, better than the proverbial bad penny, not only keeps turning up but takes a lot of getting rid of. Most commonly found in habitats like the Owls Roost and Theme and Games Room the Woolyback is at home in many environments and although shy by nature will, giving a little coxing, chat most willingly with all other species. Despite popular belief the Woolyback is at home in or out of wellies, however he does require approaching with a little caution as the razor sharp wit can inflict injury to the unprepared and also the laughter is infectious

Rascal has been a member of Casual Chat since 2000 and a staff member since 2003. Rascal, (AKA Mike) and his wife Donna live in Southern California and are empty nesters with two grown daughters. However their nest remains pretty full, running a horse boarding/training facility with over 100 horses in their care. Their current projects include training/ promoting/ showing a 2 year old Palomino American Quarter Horse with the intent of making a fortune in stud fees. This project, along with the requirements of the ranch, watching his first grandson Javin develop, and a full time job leaves less time for the forum than he?d like. However he does keep promising/ threatening to be here more often.

Teri's biggest mistake in life was living too close to Maureen. She had no option but to join the staff here in Casual (2 years ago)and are we all thankful that she did. Teri is famous for owning her own personal circus, made up of assorted kids, grandkid and animals. She is frequently to be found in the forum handing out advice and wisdom littered with good common sense. She has a Phd from the University of Life in flirting, which make her chats marvellous fun!

Scobeylarry is the alter ego of Larry. He's retired from the military, 8 years in the Marine Corps and 15 years in the Navy. He was an Air Traffic Controller in both branches and retired as Chief from the Navy. Larry attended college and don't tell his alter, "Scobeylarry", but he has degrees in Accounting, Buisness and Computer Science. Larry wouldn't want him to feel bad about his "eddjecation". He's married, 28 years, and lives with Mary in Scobey, MS. Twelve acres, 1 trailer, 3 dogs, 3 horses, and no neighbors. He's fully retired and just works around the house. Life Member of the VFW and if he can ever deplete the "honey do" list he would like to build model railroads. He likes to fish but most of all he likes to observe and be with people.

52 year old Andy lives with his wife Teresa and 4 children: three sons ages 22, 20 & 15; and daughter age 13. He works full time for Orange County Department of Social Services in NYS and also works part time (about 20 hours a week) for Stewart's Shops, a convenience chain store in New York. His favorite hobbies are reading mystery, thrillers and sci fi books. He also likes a variety of music from Sinatra to contemporary rock. Baseball, football and movies when he get the chance to go see them are favorite things to do. We can't forget to mention chess! He loves the game. He's been coming to Casual for a few years and finds all the folks here to be friendly and gracious. He hopes to continue to make new friends here.

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